Fitness Tracker

The primary purpose of a fitness wristband is to record the wearer’s steps as well as the distance covered and the calories burned, thereby motivating the user to exercise more.
A fitness bracelet can also have a heart rate monitor or a heart rate monitor. There are also health bands with GPS that precisely record the distance covered.
In order to be able to display the collected data in their entirety, the activity trackers are synchronized with an app. Because of this, users not only have to ask about the range of functions of a fitness bracelet, but also about compatibility or whether the fitness bracelet can be connected to iPhones, Android or Windows devices.

Those who lead a healthy lifestyle not only pay attention to a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, but also exercise regularly or at least attach importance to sufficient exercise. A survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy shows how important health is for people in Germany in general. According to this, there were 19.57 million people aged 14 and over in 2016 who belonged to the group of health-conscious people and accordingly also paid a lot of attention to their health.

However, an active and healthy lifestyle is not easy for everyone – especially when it comes to doing sports. Many of us spend our everyday lives sitting down and after a long, intensive day at work you rarely have the motivation to go for a jog around the block, let alone go to the gym packed with a sports bag.

So what do you do when motivation is once again lost?

Maybe buying a fitness bracelet would be a solution. They count – at least according to the manufacturer – around the clock reliably calorie consumption, steps and distance covered and even analyze sleep behavior. In addition, the smart wearables encourage their wearers to move regularly by means of a gentle vibration alarm. In the same way, part of the activity trackers can measure the pulse or heart rate and should therefore also be an ideal training companion for athletes.

But what are the fitness bracelets really good for – do the activity trackers keep their promises?

In our fitness wristband comparison 2020 we compared different fitness wristbands and show you which trackers are really suitable for doing sports and which of them only provide rough values ​​and are therefore more of a playful gadget.

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