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Women’s watches are generally somewhat more decorative than men’s watches. Even the less conspicuous models are often decorated with decorative elements. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with these delicate and decorative pieces of jewelry, because you can combine them with a variety of great outfits. For everyday use, however, some women prefer a sportier and less noticeable watch; one that fits everything. In this case, the rather reserved style that can be found in the field of men’s watches is just the thing.

Bigger is always better Some women also prefer men’s watches because they usually have a larger dial. Compared to a decade ago, many brands now also make smaller watches. Larger dials on men’s watches are a more interesting counterpart. Of course, many women still like the sophisticated little watches from luxury brands, but not all of them. A larger dial goes well with a sportier appearance and what cannot be denied, a large watch with a thick bracelet can be perfectly combined with fine accessories such as a diamond ring or a necklace.

The best of both worlds There is another reason why women wear men’s watches and this is probably crucial: the best thing about a woman wearing a men’s watch is that it creates a contrast to the feminine styling and decorative jewelry. That’s the great thing about it, a woman can look elegant and sporty at the same time.

So, all women watch out: if you are looking for a new watch, then be sure to check out the Exclusive Men’s Watch auction if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in the Women’s Watch auction. If you are looking for a fine watch for your evening outfit or a sporty watch, Catawiki is the perfect place for it. So, we think there are few reasons to own only one watch. Isn’t a small collection of watches suitable for every occasion something for you?

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